Cylinder bore (MM)

10 20 30 50 70 100 200
Using fluids Air (No oil)
Movement Mode Double action 
Maximunm operating
pressure (MPa)
Angle adjusting screaw  1MPa
with hydraulic buffer 0.6MPa
Minimunm operating pressure (MPa) 0.1MPa (The hight precision type 10 is 0.2MPa and 20˜50 is 0.1MPa)
Environment and fluid temperature 0˜60ºC (But not Frozen)
Buffer Rubber buffer (standard) / hydraulic buffer (optional)
Allow kinetic energy Angle adjusting screaw 0.007J 0.025J 0.048J 0.081J 0.24J 0.32J   0.56J
with hydraulic buffer 0.039J 0.116J 0.294J 1.1J 1.6J  2.9J
Angle adjusting range 0˜190º
Maximum swing angle 190º
Stable swing
time range
Angle adjusting screaw 0.2˜1.0s/90º 0.2˜1.5s/90º 0.2˜2.0s/90º 0.2˜2.5s/90º
with hydraulic buffer 0.2˜0.7s/90º 0.2˜1.0s/90º
Cylinder bore (MM) Φ15 Φ18 Φ21 Φ25 Φ28 Φ32 Φ40 
Pipe Size End face opening  M5x0.8 Rc1/8
Side opening M5x0.8       
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