Type Port size Effective area CV value Min.control pressure Pistondia. Temperature Material of Iil Seal Operating pressure Operation Flow direction
ASV200-04 G1/2″ 15mm 4.9 3.9/kgf/cm2 50mm -5˜55ºC PTFE 0˜10/kgf/cm2 2/2 way Normally closed A (flow direction below the seat or B flow direction above the seat)
ASV200-06  G3/4″ 20mm 9.3 3.9/kgf/cm2 50mm
ASV200-10  G1″ 25mm 22.2 2/kgf/cm2 63mm
ASV200-12  G1-1/4″ 32mm 32.1 2/kgf/cm2 63mm
ASV200-14  G1-1/2″ 40mm 49 2/kgf/cm2 63mm
ASV200-20  G2″ 50mm 60.7 2/kgf/cm2 63mm
ASV200-24  G2-1/2″ 62mm 64.5 1.6/kgf/cm2 80mm
ASV200-30  G3″ 80mm  75 1.6/kgf/cm2 100mm 
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